Rituraj Basantka arrives after the peak season. Astrology. This season comes in the middle of the Uttarayana period of Sun according to celery and fresh and in the middle of the input period according to Ayurveda. In the interstellar period, the rays of the sun become warmer than the spring and spring respectively, which also has an effect on the body.

In this season, the sun is pulled by the rays of the world by its rays and the intense wind gives it dryness, which causes weakness. The accumulated phlegm in the body during the spring season is manifested by the intense heat of the sun in the spring. Due to Ayurveda, excessive intake of sweet, acid, and saline-rich substances in this season leads to an increase in phlegm, so in this season, phlegmatic diseases such as colds, phlegm, fever, cough, especially chest diseases, etc.

Therefore, it is better to adjust the diet to suit this season. According to Ayurveda, there is an outbreak of Kafka in the spring. While outbreaks of Kapha cause diseases in the body, it also slows down the digestive system, which makes the body weak. A weak body becomes a victim of infectious diseases. In this, the anti-disease ability is not enough in the body.

Take milk and dry fruits as a snack. If you have difficulty in dry fruits, you can take sprouts. During this season, taking sprouts in water is very beneficial in small quantities according to taste.

Spinach, Bathua, Papaya, Carrot, Tomato, Potato, Souki, Parwal, Kachanar, Brinjal, Chaulai Nenua, Drumstick, Watermelon, Amla, etc It is good to eat . Use of asafetida, rye, fenugreek, cumin, turmeric, celery, onion, garlic in spices is beneficial. In this season, only light and fresh foods that are digested quickly should be eaten.

Consuming milk, honey, and vinegar syrup during this season is very beneficial, but eating oil, jaggery, etc. is harmful.

Savable Vihar – In this season, nature remains in its new, enchanted form. Everywhere the new Pallavas, neem flowers and mango mangiri, sweet fragrance, poli-yellow mustard, grapefruit peas, tongue barley, juvenile wheat, palashke red flower, Ashoka, Malaysia flower, cuckoo, peacock, chalk, papiaki sweet voice, cheerful. In this delightful season one should enjoy the morning excursion which is very beneficial for health. At such a time one should take pure life, that is, inhale. Maharai Charaka’s Ansar – Basante yatraram pathayam i.e. Basantam strolling is the absolute best for health.

It would be perfect For this, both body and mind remain happy and healthy in Brahma Muhurta. In this ritual, boiling, mild name, and bathing with cold water, heats the accumulated phlegm and heats and shatters.

In the morning, take a walk and get rid of toilet activities, mix camphor in bitter oil and massage it in the body, because oil massage not only removes fatigue, body aches and ailments, it is also a rich exercise. After that, one should take a bath with a soft spicy bath.


Wear only cotton clothes which are not in bright colors and are loose. Use cap and umbrellas on the head, in the absence, cover the forehead with Polly and exit. Aaj Tak is good for doing light exercise. Should not sleep during the day, keep the body covered with clothes. It would be great to apply a lavish paste on the sandal body.

That is why even today, before Holikahna, it is a practice to throw the membranes from these utensils. In the spring, due to the heat, there is a loss of water naturally from the body, so drink plenty of water during the season. Eat fried and spicy foods. Spring season, green or green powder with one teaspoon of honey in the morning without any greens or green vegetables.

It is beneficial to take Sipaladi Churni powder with honey from Ayurveda.

It is also beneficial to take Hingtak powder full of hot water. Gastric diseases – Eating fresh ripe papaya on an empty stomach in the spleen is beneficial.

In case of constipation, taking ten grams of isabgol husk with warm water or milk at bedtime is beneficial.

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